Game Show

A game show pilot combining virtual sets with live action.

Virtual sets – no post production

We designed the studio set for a game show pilot for an international television production company. The majority of the set was fully virtual – only a small part was physically built in studio. Because the virtual set is rendered in real time, no post production is needed. The possibility for instant changes between different sets make it a great solution for fast-paced shootings and live broadcast purposes.

Virtual sets allow great expressive freedom

A virtual set is a three-dimensional space, not just a background. The size of the virtual set is not limited to studio size. Any visual style is possible; from realistic to expressive. Interesting real-time transformations can be built into the virtual sets.

A variety of artistic and technical solutions

In addition to the virtual set design of the game show, we provided virtual studio production expertise during the preproduction and shootings. We are familiar with multiple virtual studio environments: our network of virtual studio service providers extends from lightweight solutions to high-end motion capture studios.

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