A music and dance film combining performing arts with virtual sets

Creating magical worlds with virtual sets

Mirages is a 50 min music and a dance film merging virtual environments with live action. The visual world of the film is composed of virtual spaces where live performers move around and interact with animated elements. The virtual sets allow great freedom for creative visual expression not possible with physical sets. Because the virtual sets are rendered in real time, there is no need for post-production!

We combine artistic vision with virtual production expertise

Mirages was shot as a multicamera production in a virtual studio with motion capture set-up and greenscreen. The virtual set was built in a game engine for real-time rendering. Motion capture allows multiple cameras and performers to move freely around in the virtual environment.

StarHop Creative provided the virtual production expertise during the preproduction and shootings. Mirages is a co-production between StarHop Creative and Kroma Productions.

Project website: www.mirages.fi

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